A City Mom apologizes to Chicago Snow Plow Drivers

On Saturday morning A City Mom posted the following blog about Plow Tracker Plow Tracker may show more than where Chicago streets are plowed, because the map they had there sure made it look like certain neighborhoods were getting plowed before others and of course, I immediately thought Plow-Gate!  However, shortly thereafter I received a Tweet from the guys at opencityapps. Basically, it said my Plow-Gate accusation could be a result of the newness of their site and not nepotism on the part of city snow plow drivers. (Here’s the Tweet: @acitymom Ain't no Plow-Gate ;) We're having a tough time getting ClearStreets to show all the data. Should be fixed soon! Pardon our dust.)

Damn, and I was getting ready to call Oliver Stone. Okay, so maybe acitymom jumped the gun here. And pardon me for being suspicious of our fine city government. I'm sorry nice snow plow drivers. Please continue to plow my street. Thank you.

I do love what these guys are doing over at  opencityapps.org/ and we should give them and the city the benefit of the doubt. But with this great app they’ve created (once the dust clears) the city should know, acitymom will be watching!

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