The Chia Pot: New festive use for that giant bag of Chia seeds you thought would make you run faster

The Chia Pot: New festive use for that giant bag of Chia seeds you thought would make you run faster
It doesn't look like much now, but watch it grow!

Last summer I read a book called Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. Published in 2009, it’s part, if not most of the reason barefoot running is surging in popularity. Besides being a great read (McDougall is a fantastic, funny and entertaining writer.), it talked about Chia. Yeah, you know, the same stuff the Chia Pet people use. And I think Chia seeds are a timely topic now, three days before Christmas, because after all, who wouldn’t love to get a Chia pet from Santa? Personally, I’m hoping for the Abraham Lincoln.

Chia is a plant in the mint family with seeds that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which sound nasty so of course they must be good for you, and also in protein and calcium. A native tribe of runners in McDougall’s book ate them all the time and could run for countless miles uninjured. Their consumption of Chia seeds is a holdover from Aztec times, which is testimony to their power. I mean, just look at how the Aztecs turned out.
So naturally, when I saw the large bag of Chia at Costco last week it spoke to me. It said, “Kim, buy me! Buy me and you’ll run faster and injury free and you’ll probably not turn out to be an extinct or violent Central American tribe.” So I did.

When I got home, I tried a handful of Chia seeds, which did not make me feel stronger and only succeeded in making me feel like a sparrow. I tried putting them on yogurt. Better, but now I felt like a lactose-tolerant sparrow. I put them in smoothies. Better still. The way the stick in your teeth is virtually indistinguishable from the way strawberry seeds do.

However, with the holiday season upon us, I believe I’ve come up with the perfect use for my enormous bag of Chia seeds. Chia Pots! That’s right. Everyone on my Christmas list can expect their very own Chia Pot. With my amazing new gift idea, you could even grow a Chia Pet in a Chia Pot! I know! Aren’t you excited? One more thing to be thankful for this Christmas; you’re not on my Christmas list.

The invention of the Chia Pot has to be one of the better unintended consequences of reading a book on barefoot running, because I have to believe neither Christopher McDougall, Abraham Lincoln nor the Aztecs would have ever thought it would come to this.


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