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Every morning around 3:30 am, all of us bloggers at ChicagoNow get an email from our boss, Jimmy Greenfield. No, he’s not cracking the whip, telling us to get our lazy blogging asses out of bed and go write something. The emails are automated reports of the previous day's traffic to our blogs.

Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed watching my hits, page views and bounce rate steadily improve (Thank you!!) and what blogger doesn’t love to see something they’ve written get thousands of hits? But I think my favorite part isn’t seeing where most of my readers live or what kind of browser they use (Yeah, we know that much about you), it’s seeing what search words they use to get to A City Mom.

There’s been a recent uptick in searches for “home alone” for some reason, and so a blog I wrote back in April Hungarian Home Alone has been getting a lot of daily hits. One of the most popular searches is “skechers shape ups good for plantar fasciitis”, which will get readers to a blog I wrote about that subject last February. I know, ho-hum, right? They’re just using search words that appear in my blogs, like “pms 14k” or “hoochie mama dress” or “ATT moving pole”. But a lot of the searches are downright weird, some of them hilarious and others border on the inexplicable. “amish fire pit” How that gets readers to me I don’t know. This one, from December 19th, is a new favorite: “is rick kaempher still married?” I know they spelled my Suburban Dad guest blogger’s name wrong, it is a tricky name to spell, but still, I felt I should alert his wife Bridget.

does ghosts open attic doors”  No. At my house, cats do.

“whens the snow coming chicago 2011” Flattered, but A City Mom can’t predict the future. However, she will dispense advice: check the Farmers Almanac for a prediction as innaccurate as any A City Mom would make.

Fetish driven searches bug me, like “sexy men cleaning house”. I wrote a short commentary on how women think men helping out around the house is sexier than Axe cologne and two dozen roses and it’s been a steady traffic generator ever since. (Although I’ve been told by fellow ChicagoNow bloggers that if you write about the Naked Chicago Bike Ride, you’ll get more hits than just about anything else.)

“playmate airline pilot” Lol. I don’t think so.

“weirdo watch” Yeah. Guilty.

“graffiti advice” Be poignant

“son blackmail mom” Yikes.

But I’m always happiest when I look down at the bottom of the report and find these search words, “a city mom”, because then I know you’re probably looking for me.


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  • It's crazy that you wrote about this as it was planned to be the subject of my next blog. Only with a different story around it. It fascinates me. Good read!

  • Great minds think alike!
    Let me know when you post, Teppi, and I'll add a link here. And thanks for the kind words about the blog!

  • fb_avatar

    I found this blog post to be particularly funny. After I was finished reading the post, it also crossed my mind that maybe you had ulterior motives here aside from humor. It takes a very savvy blogger like yourself to sneak all of the commonly searched phrases which draw traffic to your blog into one post!! I hope the reiteration of these phrases helps to increase your traffic!


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