Creepy searches: read Teppi Jacobsen's "When You Put It That Way" post

Yesterday my blog centered around all the crazy searches people used to get to A City Mom. Today, my colleague and fellow Chicago Now blogger, Teppi Jacobsen, posted on the same subject. Coincidence? Yes.

But, my blog was goofy and tried to be funny, because that's how I roll. Hers is important and you should read it.

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  • It's absolutely disgusting what people search for out there. I made the same comment on her blog, but people type "uncut boys" and get my circumcision article nearly every day.

    Until this moment I never realized I was driving pedophile traffic to my blog - a blog which has pictures of my kids on occasion. SICK. Sick, sick, sick.

  • I agree. sick, sick, sick.

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