1111 is my lucky number, so I can't believe I almost let today go by without posting.  I have 1111 on my license plate and in my "real" e-mail address and every one of my kids knows that when the clock strikes 11:11, you need to make a wish.
It all started with my dead ex-boyfriend.  He's the first one who told me that when I saw 11:11 on a digital clock I should wish for something. And for a while there, the wishes always came true, which is what made me a believer. I'm forever grateful to him for telling me about this fun superstition.

There is, however, no way to reconcile the fact that something I consider lucky to me came from someone whose luck ran out when he was so young, in his twenties. 

All I can say is, seize the day! Make a wish! Today I may start with a wish that my luck will never run out.

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