Please Make a Note of it

Please Make a Note of it

When I was getting ready to leave town on my flight earlier this week, I suddenly remembered I'd forgotten to sign my daughter up for basketball. It seems there's always at least one "mouse that gets away," which is how I refer to a detail or errand or to-do item that needed to be accomplished before I left, but didn't. (At least this time, the mouse wasn't a big one. [Hungarian Home Alone] )

The basketball sign-up detail came to me right as I was dialing my husband, to tell him a quick good bye before we took off. So why not just pass the baton, and ask him to sign her up? Because that would be silly. He was in his car driving home and I knew between traffic and his KunstlerCast, by the time he got home, he would have forgotten as well. I thought about calling home and leaving myself a message, but all three of the kids were home and I was running out of time before I had to turn my phone off and didn't have time to talk to all of them again. (Because I can't talk to just one of them; it's not fair and balanced.) I didn't have time to boot up my iPad and send myself an email and I don't have a smart phone. I probably could have texted myself a reminder note, but at the speed at which I'm capable of texting it would have been faster to just go to the Park District and sign her up right then. I thought about calling my cell phone and leaving myself a message, which is when it occurred to me:

Write it on paper.

Why this thought occurred to me last, the woman whose calendar is still a large paper one hanging on the refrigerator [THE Cubs Calendar], I have no idea. It's just one more example of how electronic we're all becoming, that the idea of writing a quick note to myself and sticking it in my purse was almost the mouse that got away this time.

I know I’ll manage to get my daughter signed up this morning, so no harm no foul (and no basketball pun intended.) And if I ever come up with an actual point for this post, I'll grab a pen and paper, and be sure to make a note of it.


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