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How to Become Fabulously Successful and Lose Ten Pounds in Only Nine Days

How to Become Fabulously Successful and Lose Ten Pounds in Only Nine Days
Has anybody heard of a book or program like this? Because I need one. Stat. My (gulp) thirty-year high school reunion is coming up. I know it shouldn’t be about impressing other people; it should be about getting back in touch with old friends, finding out what they’re up to and reliving fond memories. I... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: 9/11 with Eddie Munster

By Rick Kaempfer I’ve really enjoyed Kim’s pieces about her heartfelt 9/11 memories. My own memory from that day isn’t, I suppose, what you would consider poignant, but it certainly was memorable. I spent my 9/11 morning on the phone, speaking to Eddie Munster. At the time I was working in radio as the executive... Read more »

The Best is Yet to Come: a post 9/11 sign from Frank Sinatra

Whenever our family moves, it’s tradition that the first song we play once our stereo is set up has some significance. For example, when my husband and I bought our first house, the song we played was, “Little Pink Houses” by John Mellencamp. This is because it was pink. And I suppose I can’t drop... Read more »

9/11 Ten Years Later: an airline pilot's mostly unremarkable story

Whenever I thought about what to write for the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, the only thing that kept coming to mind was that admonishment from The Onion that asked ballad singers to exercise restraint. I know I should chime in, being an airline pilot-blogger and all, but it just seems so, I don’t know, unrestrained.... Read more »

What Do Women Want?

Come and find out at the “What Women Want” Expo!! I am their “Headline Guest” (I know, right?) and will be there selling and signing copies of my novel, Wish Club and possibly my second novel, Down at the Golden Coin, too. The Expo is all about Chocolate (!!), Pampering, Inspiration and Shopping at this... Read more »

Illinois Public High School Students don’t do as well in college as they did high school

This is the insightful information gleaned from what I assume would be an expensive and taxpayer funded study of how high school seniors perform during their freshman year at college. I think they should have just called the study, “Duh.” The Chicago Tribune reported on the new information, only recently made available to the public,... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Embarrassing Confession Time

By Rick Kaempfer On the rare nights that all five of us are home for dinner time, we like to put on the iPod and listen to music while we eat. Since I’m the dad, we use my iPod. Sometimes the boys hear new songs that they really love, and other times they cringe. Last... Read more »

When your life's a rollercoaster, who needs an amusement park?

It’s tradition in our family to take the kids to Six Flags the day before school starts. Tradition because, you know, we did it that one time three years ago. Personally, I would rather chew on broken glass than be dragged through an amusement park, but my daughter was begging to go. In fact, she’d... Read more »

A Two Step Command Epic Fail

A Two Step Command Epic Fail
In order to get into preschool, my sons were required to follow a two step command. At the age of fourteen now, I want to know what the hell happened. Yesterday, I asked Kyle, “Hey, you going downstairs?” “Yeah.” “Can you bring this down and put it on the coffee table? Thanks.”  And I handed... Read more »

What's a card-carrying union member CPS parent to think?

As both a CPS parent and card-carrying union member, I’m torn. I think my daughter should have a longer school day, and a real recess. But I also don’t think teachers should be asked to work hours that are 29% more for a two-percent increase in pay. What’s a card-carrying union member CPS parent supposed... Read more »