Unethical Cat Pees on Professional Book

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So my husband is considering taking the CFA course to become, well, a
CFA, because after all, who wouldn't want a few more letters following
their name? (CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst.) But being a
pretty smart financial analyst already, he decided instead of jumping
right in and signing up for the expensive course, he would buy some used
course books on Amazon, to see what he'd be in for.

He had no idea what he was in for.

When he ordered the books, the seller , we'll call him "DoofusT25,"  said they were in good condition. However, when they arrived, one book had water damage. Jeff called me in to the office to take a look.

"I'd say it's in fair condition, not good," I told him. "I mean, you can still use it. And it was only like a hundred dollars instead of a couple thousand. Right?" And then, for some reason, I decided to smell the book. Oh, I know that smell. Cat pee.

This guy mailed a book to my husband that his cat (or maybe it wasn't his cat, but someone's cat) peed on. Here is the title of the book, "Ethical and Professional Standards and Quantitative Methods CFA Curriculum."  Oh, how thick the irony! Acitymom could not pass this one up. Do you think the books were for sale because DoofusT25 didn't pass the course?

Pee book side view.jpg

When Jeff wrote Doofus and said the book was damaged, with cat pee, he replied with one sentence, "It's water." Well. Doing her good due dilligence, it would be remiss of acitymom to not warn off anyone thinking of moving to Tarzana, California! The water there smells suspiciously like cat pee!

The sellers name, will of course be forthcoming, if he does not make this right.  Because, you know, then I would be pissed.

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  • Not sure whether the cat was commenting on the ethics of the seller (as you imply) or of the CFA industry, generally.

    You say how you figured it was cat pee, but I figure it would take elephant pee to comment fully on a legal ethics book.

  • In reply to jack:

    Ha! You're right! Wouldn't a legal ethics book just be an oxymoron? Maybe that cat was commenting on both. Thanks for the laugh, Jack!

  • With that in mind, I'll be very careful what I title my next book! Very funny! Thanks for the comment. (The cats are lucky to have you!)

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