The Ionic Litterbox: Better than it was before?

The electronic litter box we have for our cats has a clock on it. (Looks like I'm sticking with the scatological cat theme for this week!) [Unethical cat pees on professional book] The manufacturer of the litter box, LitterMaid, says it's so we can set
the timer for the litter box, so we can put it "to sleep."  Personally,
I'm a bit relieved the clock isn't there for the cats to know when it's
time to use it. And this is not because I'm afraid of cats
telling time or being on a strict schedule but mostly because the light
has flashed 12:00, like our old VCR used to, ever since we bought it
back in April.

We've been using electronic litter boxes for years and have had very good luck with them. The first one we ever owned lasted at least ten years. The one immediately following only made it about six months, and now this new one, this LitterMaid Elite Basic LME 5500 has been giving us no end of trouble. (We opted out of the Elite Mega, because we're not litterbox snobs or anything, even though the Elite Mega is a much cooler name, which kind of implies it should have rocket boosters or something. Although our basic old 5500 did come with the Kitty Kabana! )

The trouble is not just the clock. The thing keeps getting jammed. Earlier this week it stopped working altogether, so I called customer service. The guy was very helpful. He told me I needed to take apart my LitterMaid Elite Basic LME 5500 to find the reset switch, which I needed to turn on and off ten times. So I found myself on the floor, up to my elbows in litter box, trying to find this tiny little switch that is cleverly hidden out of sight underneath the right side rail track. The solution did work, but still. The whole purpose of an electronic litterbox is to not have to touch it too much. Even with its Ionic Air Cleaner (really), I just don't want to be that close to it.  

And another thing. Who thought it was a good idea for a litterbox to go to sleep? I would have liked to have sat in on that meeting.

"How can we make our electronic litterboxes more green, more environmentally friendly?" 

"I know! We'll let them go to sleep!" 

The idea is so bad, I'm sure that guy is Vice President of the company by now. And considering cats are nocturnal, determining when a good time for their bathroom to sleep could be quite a conundrum.

I mean, personally, I don't ever want a bathroom that goes to sleep. I guess the folks over at LitterMaid are just trying to make their products better than they were before. Better, Faster Stronger. Ionic. But I don't think my cats should get a cabana before I do.

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