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Al's Barbershop

My sons’ hair is too long and scraggly and this makes me ecstatic, because it means I get to take them to Al’s–their barber. I love Al’s. It’s quiet there. I don’t know whether the silence is a result of my presence, or whether it’s just a man thing. I don’t care. I revel in it. My boys,... Read more »

Karate Kids

If it’s Wednesday, it means my boys are complaining. They don’t want to go to Karate. Actually, it’s not really Karate. The class they go to is a martial arts blend, but when they started taking lessons five years ago, somehow saying, “Put on your shoes, it’s time to go to your Degerberg Academy Martial... Read more »

Time Sinks

I was up to my elbows in thorns and roses and madder than a hornet to boot. I was stuck in a time-sink project. The trellises holding my rosebushes had fallen down–thanks to a thunderstorm the night before. We had company coming over in three hours. Our icemaker was busted and we needed ice. And... Read more »

A City Mom is taking a short break

The kids are finally out of school and acitymom is just starting vacation from her paying job, which begs the question, What the heck was I thinking? Okay, just kidding. But only a little. However, in the interest of continuing to provide my readers with the high level of humorous parenting content they’re accustomed to,... Read more »

Flash Mobs are just Terrorists: Chicago will not let them win

Flash Mobs are just Terrorists: Chicago will not let them win
Today my sons had their graduation lunch at the Hancock building, the Signature Room to be exact. I don’t remember my eighth grade graduation lunch. Wait. I know why that is. It’s because we didn’t have one, much less one at the Signature Room. Regardless, as we walked down Michigan Avenue today, past the Water... Read more »

Really Sexy Men Clean House

When I read my friend Rick’s post yesterday, [The Best Time to Visit My House] about cleaning his house, my very first thought was, I’m surprise Bridget doesn’t attack you. I mean in a good way. Have you read this article from the Washington Post, about what turns women on, Naked Man Parts? Not so... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: The Best Time to Visit My House

By Rick Kaempfer First a disclaimer. This house is run by men and boys. My wife is gone during the day at work, so that leaves four completely slovenly males in charge of keeping the house clean; me (a 22 year old male…ok…47 year old male), and my sons Tommy (age 15), Johnny (age 13)... Read more »

Toys (or a Ghost) in the Attic?

Our house was built in 1892 and because it’s an old Victorian, people will often ask us if it’s haunted. Although a poltergeist would be a perfect way to explain away the constant state of mess and chaos that exists between these walls, sadly (?!) it’s not. At least, that’s what we thought until recently.... Read more »

Extreme Closet Cleaning, or How the Grinch Stole my Wardrobe

Back when acitymom was achaperoning [acitymom chaperones], my daughter and her babysitter took it upon themselves to clean out her closet. Although, before I’d left I had told my daughter a good project for her while I was away would be to go through her summer clothes and set aside anything that didn’t fit anymore... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Vocabulary Victories and Defeats

By Rick Kaempfer All three of my boys have been pretty verbal from a very early age, and believe it or not, that has caused some problems. For instance, my oldest son Tommy began to read at such an early age that his vocabulary grew much faster than his pronunciation. That’s mostly a good thing,... Read more »