D'oh! Duff Beer for Dad

What on earth do you get the man in your life for Father's day? It seems to me it gets harder and harder each year. I mean, how many ties should one man own? But this year, oh yes, this year, I outdid myself. For my dear husband, nothing less than an actual, real, existing bottle of Duff Beer.

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For those of you who aren't familiar, Duff is the beer preferred by esteemed father Homer Simpson. If you look it up on Wikipedia, the very first line says Duff is a "fictional brand of beer." [Wiki/Duff Beer]

Being a huge fan of fiction myself, I was quite excited when I was able to purchase said fictional beer during my recent trip to Germany.

This fictional beer is (not?!?) made by the Eschweger Klosterbrauerei, a brewery in Hessen, Germany and from what I was told by my friends who were with me, extremely hard to come by. I was unfamiliar with Duff Beer until the day I bought it, but when they explained it was Homer's favorite, I knew it was just the kind of fun, kitschy gift my beer connoisseur of a husband would love. They told me it even had the same label as the beer on the show.

Unfortunately, the store only sold it by the bottle and in hindsight, I should have bought my husband more than one. I'm reminded of the time I purchased his birthday present while in Amsterdam (It's a pilot-time-management thing. Not an I'm-a-snob-who-only-shops-in-Europe thing.) I got him some beer, cigars and a couple of dress shirts. When I told one of my friends, he said, "If you got him beer and cigars, what'd you need to buy him shirts for?" (To go with all those Father's Day ties?)

Of course, a solitary Duff Beer is not all I bought for him. I mean, one lonely twelve-ounce beer would be a little on the stingy side, so he'll be getting a few other presents as well. Because what man wouldn't love a pair of women size eight running shoes? Oh, just kidding, of course. (I got him a couple pair of his own personal running shorts and a singlet. Shh.)

Maybe he'll go for a Father's Day run and we can surprise him with an ice cold bottle of beer when he gets back. After all, the Duff should go hand in hand with his fitness program, not having any calories or carbs to worry about, it being fictional and all. D'oh.

Happy Father's Day!

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