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A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Supermarket Crankiness

By Rick Kaempfer For years my wife handled all of the grocery shopping for our family. It wasn’t a sexist decision on my part; it was entirely her idea. After a bad incident or two, it was decided that I simply wasn’t capable of handling the task.  I can’t remember the exact details, but I... Read more »

The Do Gooder Graffiti Artist Strikes Again, and other acitymom loose ends

Sorry Graffiti. It seems my do-gooder graffiti artist [Do Gooder Graffiti?] has struck again, this time with a message of “Sorry.” As most everyone over the age of three knows, it’s always a good idea to apologize when you’ve done something wrong. Like spray painting on the side of someone else’s building. Wagnerian Opera, the... Read more »

Moving Telephone Polls

“‘Can we join Club Penguin? When can we join Club Penguin? We’ll pay for it. Can we join Club Penguin after dinner?’ This is only the tip of the penguin-topped iceberg. I’ve been hearing about Club Penguin for days. I’m sick of Club Penguin. But I marvel at my son’s tenacity. I suppose I should... Read more »

Think Christmas in March: Help a good cause

Calling all kids, fourteen and under! UNICEF is accepting entries for its Christmas Card Contest until March 12th (better get drawing!) The winner, picked from thousands of entries, will be reproduced as an official UNICEF holiday greeting card for the 2011 holiday season and will be sold nationwide at Pier 1 Imports stores. The winner,... Read more »

A Suburban Dad's Guest Blog: Tips for Geezer Parents

I see the trend wherever I go these days: older and older parents with younger and younger children. My generation was a little slow out of the child-raising blocks. While we were in our twenties, it was the furthest thing from our minds. We had places to go, people to meet, and careers to pursue.... Read more »

Lohengrin: Will Five Hours of Wagner Test a Marriage?

I always thought my husband loved me. But now, I’m not so sure. Not because he bought me opera tickets for Christmas, which is sweet. Not because we’re going to the Lyric on Saturday night to see a romantic opera, which is, well, romantic. But because he bought me tickets to Lohengrin. Which is Wagner.... Read more »

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Do you ever look around your house and wonder, when did it come to this? Most every single day, no matter where I look, I find ridiculous things that crack me up and the whole reason is because we have all these kids. Like the other day when I woke up and looked out my... Read more »