Chicago Election 2011

Today I did my civic duty and voted. I voted for a new Mayor and a new
Alderman and a few other candidates running unopposed. And then I went
home and did what every good citymom tells her children to do: I washed
my hands with soap and water.

flag stub.jpg

I mean honestly, this is the best we can do? We've got a candidate from the North Shore whose time spent inside the city limits doesn't meet this Chicagoan's standard of residency and I wonder if his children have ever even set foot in a Chicago Public School. We have another candidate that worked for the Chicago Board of Education, when, at the time, CPS had a high drop out rate. And even though I've never been strung-out on crack, I seem to remember another candidate getting into some pretty tight spots concerning her use of campaign money.

For the first time since I was eighteen, I debated not even bothering to
vote. But I didn't want to send that kind of message to my kids. So
I voted, but that doesn't mean I had to like it. 

Chicago has plenty of smart, honest people with plenty of integrity. We're in the Midwest, for crying out loud! But I guess all those people are smart enough to not run for mayor. They probably sense what I do: the departure of Mayor Daley, and so many Alderman all at once feels very much like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

I hope whomever ends up in office they will be able to turn around the fiscal mess this city is in. And not with new taxes.
I wish our new mayor and city council all the best. They will need it. Now, sit up straight.

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