Two-Do List

Has your To-Do list become a Two-Do List? Scatological inferences aside,
it feels like everything I try to accomplish these takes two steps (or
more) instead of what I think should be one. And, well frankly, this
makes me feel like number two.


For example, I can't remember the last time I made any kind of appointment in one phone call. When I call, I have to leave a message because they're away from their desk right now but my call is very important to them and they'll call me right back. These days I know better than to check "make dentist appointment for Ethan" off my list. If I trust the system to work, I know I'll be standing in my kitchen eight years from now staring at my toothless son Ethan wondering why he hasn't been to a dentist in so long. I must wait until they actually do call back. But then I won't be home. Repeat.  

Eventually the appointment gets made, but how much time has been wasted? And it's especially frustrating to me this time of year. Have I mentioned in the last fifteen minutes I have three kids with birthdays this month? And one next month. I have one next month, too. My husband's.

So when I email my website lady and ask her to make a change, do I take it off my list? No. That would be silly! I must wait. A week later, when I check my website to see if said change has been made, and it's one of the times it hasn't been made, which is about fifty-percent of the time, I then get to email her again. And she provides an excuse and says she'll get right on it.  Do I take it off the To-Do list now? Of course not. Repeat.

And what about being on hold, oh, say with your favorite cellphone company because your son lost his cellphone (Yeah, under his desk. We turned the house upside down, re-traced steps, checked school lockers and Lost and Founds.  He found it yesterday under his desk. I will not post a picture of what it looks like under his desk, you must work that frightening visual for yourself.)  When I talked to the nice computer lady, I gave her my cellphone number, but when I typed in my son's she said, "I'm sorry, I'm just not getting it." She didn't even seem sincere.  She never did get it, although my dog left the room when I started shouting expletives.  And here's what gets me: I had to give said computer lady the last four digits of my Social Security number. And then, when I finally was able to talk to an actual person about turning my son's phone service back on, guess what I had to give him? That's right! I had to give him all the same information over again. I had to repeat it.

Busy Moms barely have time to do things once, much less three and four times, so
I won't go on and on, finding more examples of life's little time wasters. I think you get the idea. Besides, I've got my Two-Do list to get to.

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