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Tis the Season for...Fight Shoes

The cutest pair of shoes I own are a pair of silver Brian Atwoods with four-inch heels. I don’t know from Brian Atwood, but the lady at the store that sold them to me told me he was “all the rage.” When I saw the price, I understood the “rage” part. Fortunately, the pair that... Read more »

Retiring Number Ten--Saying Good Bye to Ron Santo

Never in my life have I cried over the death of a celebrity. Ever. Yet every single time I read anything about Ron Santo I burst into tears. Not huge hiccupping sobs, but tears. I feel like I’ve lost a friend.      I’m a Cubs fan, of course. (Our dog is named Wrigley, for... Read more »

The Black Dress Dilemma

My husband and I are going to a Christmas party tomorrow night and I’m in a dilemma aboutwhat to wear.  I have several little black dresses and the difficulty is in deciding which one.  It’s an office party. My “office.” And while I want to look, you know, sexy, I don’t want to err on... Read more »