Supper Club

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Supper Club has been an ongoing tradition with a group of our friends
for nearly twelve years now. It consists of six couples (and children)
who get together every other month or so for a Sunday
dinner.  Each couple takes turns hosting and therefore cooking the main
dish. Everyone else brings something--a side or appetizer or dessert. 
Old friends, good food. The recipe really couldn't be more simple.  

We’ve grown considerably over the years. We added a couple. Every couple’s been adding children.  We currently have 27 card-carrying members.  (That’s right, Dave. There’s a card. Maybe you missed that meeting!)  We joke (see previous sentence) about our stringent rules and by-laws, but we don’t have any. We don’t even actually have a card. (At least that’s what we tell Dave.)

Whenever a couple hosts, they pick a theme. It can be the type of food, like Italian or Cajun, but we’ve also branched out into more elaborate ideas.  We’ve had, for example: “Food you hated as a kid but like now”; “All-American dishes” (for a July Fourth get-together); “The food of your ancestors” and “Apple, the secret ingredient.”  

This year, since we were hosting the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I really wanted to do “Food on a Stick,” because it’s ridiculous and because who was going to be eating any food on a stick on Thanksgiving?  The spirit of the season prevailed and instead I decided to make the theme “Food You’re Thankful For.”

And we ordered pizza for the main dish.

Because I am thankful that—when life gets too busy or too exhausting or you’re throwing a party three days before you host Thanksgiving dinner because it seemed like a good idea at the time but a few days beforehand you wonder what the hell you were thinking—I can pick up the phone and have some nice young man bring a hot pizza right to my door.   

Everyone emailed what they would bring, but when my friend Rick said they’d bring salad, it caused no end of ribbing from the group, because after all, how many people are truly thankful for salad?  Rick wrote a very nice rebuttal about why he is thankful for salad and honestly, when you think about it, we really couldn’t have had all the men bringing beer.

After everyone left and the house went quiet, as if contemplating it’s own state of disarray: stacks of pizza boxes on the back porch, a sink full of dishes, two pink socks (and a quarter!) stuffed down the toilet downstairs, it occurred to me what I was truly thankful for. And it isn’t the fact that those three toddlers will not be invited back to play in our toilet anymore.

I realized I’m thankful for my friends and our Supper Club. Simply that.


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  • I love this idea. It is a great way to see friends and not spend forever with when and where. You are right, those are the moments when you feel thankful. I just can't figure out how you can fit 27 people in your house!

  • In reply to bethprystowsky:

    It's barely controlled mayhem! And sometimes, when it feels too crowded, we make Dave sit on the porch.

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