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Kim Strickland

Pardon my branding. Or shameless self-promotion. Or the channeling of my inner dance music star. But have you noticed this, too? I'm guessing if you don't have an eleven-year old daughter, or listen to B-96 on a regular basis, then the answer is no.

It first caught my attention with artist Jason DeRulo. He announces his own name at the beginning of his song, In My Head.  Okaaay, I remember thinking. A little full of himself, but I'd never heard of him before and well, now I certainly had, and so bravo for good marketing.
Then Enrique Inglesias does it in his song, I Like It. Well, to be fair, he has his friend do it. Say his name that is.

And now, Usher.

But I think Shakira started it.

Regardless, now, I want to do it too.  This way, if anyone decides to do an impromptu Blog Slam (like a poetry slam, only different) reading of A City Mom at a dance club, or Borders, or maybe even an actual coffee shop, then everyone will know my name.  

This self-promotion game is a tough one.  Most writers, authors and bloggers I know, myself included, really don't care too much for it.  Oh sure, we love the accolades and sales when we get them, but, at least in my case, this rarely happens without a serious amount of prior groundwork laid down by our very own selves.  In any kind of PR or marketing, one needs to be persistent, but not pushy and must accept rejection gracefully.  Like a career in sales, I'm pretty sure had I chosen any of these pursuits to make a living, I would have slowly, and gratefully I might add, starved to death.

The use of one's own name at the beginning of a song really is an ingenious marketing technique. In the age of Google, when DJ's don't always announce the artists at clubs or on the radio it makes perfect sense. A great way to reach your target market. So I'm stealing it, and heretofore will begin all my blogs with my own name. (Bet none of those aforementioned singers ever used the word "heretofore" in one of their songs. Not to mention "aforementioned.")  In fact, I might even begin ending them with my own name, too.

Kim Strickland. Kim Strickland. Kim Strickland.

(Let's just see if Jason, Usher or Enrique decide to copy that!)

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