Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Tips to Beat Jet Lag

As I pack my bag to fly back to NYC, I'm struck with the impact that jet lag as on us. Common symptoms include:

- Exhaustion
- Insomnia
- Stomach upset
- Headache
- Sinus congestion
- Moodiness

Depending on our long the flight is and when you are traveling, these tips can be helpful in eradicating or at least minimizing jet lag.

1) Avoid caffeine and alcohol on the plane. Alcohol and caffeine are both drying to the body. Plus the caffeine is keeping you awake when you should be resting.
2) If you are flying in the early morning or the red-eye...Go to Sleep. Nothing messes up the body's internal clock like being up when you should be asleep.
3) Stay hydated with Water! Ditch the soda which has too much caffeine and sugar (see tip 1). Drink at least two glasses before the flight and water on the flight.
4) Once you arrive at your destination, get out into the fresh air.
5) Getting a massage on the day of your arrival is a very effective way to reset your body's clock and circulation.

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