Massage Convention: Day 1

Massage Convention: Day 1

So here we are, thousands of massage therapists, converging on Raleigh, North Carolina. Going to a professional conference can sometimes be hit or miss. It's great to reconnect with friends and colleagues, however you always hope that the workshops live up to the marketing hype; otherwise it's just a very expensive reunion.

I'm happy to say, that the day's activities have been very informative. Did you know that massage research is being done at the Mayo Clinic and Duke University?

The Mayo Clinic did a pilot study to study if massage therapy could reduce pain and anxiety in cardiac surgery patients. The results were an astounding YES. The results were so conclusive and the patients happy that Mayo began hiring massage therapists as part of the surgical care.

This study and many others have contributed to the fact that 48 hospitals in this country (according to Mayo) hire massage therapists in the treatment of their patients.

Hospital Massage

Did you ever wonder if it was more beneficial to receive daily massage? Unfortunately, our society believes that if something feels good, then more is better. Most times this is not true.

Duke University conducted a study to discover what the 'optimal dose' of massage is. They had several groups in the study:
Group 1 received a 1 hour massage weekly
Group 2 received two 1 hour massages weekly
Group 3 received four 30 minute massages weekly

The result was that a 1 hour massage weekly was just as effective as multiple sessions per week. That means that the patient receives an effective treatment that is also cost-effective. The main determining factors for the study were reduction in pain and improvement in function.

While this was an informative study, there might be situations where the patient can't tolerate an hour massage, so shorter sessions would be advisable.

All in all, a cool day. Stay tuned for Day 2.

Foodie Alert: Next time you are in Raleigh, North Carolina check out the restaurant Zinda. We recommend the 'Butter Chicken' and the 'Shrimp & Grits'.....Yum!

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