Restore a Sailboat - February 2019

With -23 degrees on Wednesday January 30, 2019 I zip forward 5 days to Sunday February 3, 2019 and enjoy a 46-degree day working on the boat. If you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait 15 minutes. 209. Replaced all fuseholders on the switch panel and tested them. This was done because in the... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - January 2019

We’re past the shortest day of the year and onward to summer.  Only its time to deal with the two coldest months of the year. The boat is at the end of this shipyard, at the end of the outlets on the fence. I run a 100′ extension cord to the boat and by the... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - December 2018

I reflect on my wife’s comment a few months ago. She said, “With all of this work you are putting into this boat, none of it shows.”  I’m pretty sure it was a compliment.  I think. Where the boat is stored for the winter on shore on a cradle, it has a gravel/sand ground. Tracking... Read more »
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Restore a Sailboat - November 2018

The average high temperature in Chicago in the month of November is 48 and the average low temperature is 32.  Much to my surprise, I read that epoxy (West Epoxy Systems) can be used in temperatures as low as 34 degrees.  As removing and fairing the old rubrail ridges is the priority, this one task... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - October 2018

September got busy racing other boats which is pretty common now a days.  Most sailboat racers have many options to race, and don’t focus on just one boat any longer.  So in October time frees up to start working on this 42 year old Ericson 35 Mark II. 179. Put labels on the steering pedestal... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - August 2018

I had to take a breather from this boat after it let me down in the Chicago Mackinac Race, I’m sure you understand.  When kicked off the horse, you gotta get back on and ride again.  The good news is, all of the work done up to this point didn’t have any failures in the... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - July 2018 PART 2

Thirteen months have gone into making this boat work well.  And the 2018 Chicago Mackinac Race has arrived.  A last minute crew glitch occurred and we secure an experienced racer to replace a friend who has sailed with us for 40+ years. This race has been a part of my family’s life forever.  This will... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - July 2018 PART 1

The final stretch is here. The Chicago Mac Race is July 21, 2018 and it’s time to finish all projects.  I even take a day off of work just to be sure we get it all completed.  Everything should work perfectly as the worklist is complete before the race begins. Famous last words, see July... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - June 2018

With the Chicago Mackinac Race one month away, it is time to put this into high gear and not let off the gas pedal for one moment.  We did a race from Chicago to Waukegan, almost thirty miles to test out our progress on the improvements made so far.  We are pleased to win the... Read more »

Restore a Sailboat - December 2017

My old table saw at home died.  I found a nice cast iron top one on Craigslist, only it needed a rehab. New wiring, switch, alignment, cleaning, oiling, casters put on the legs, etc.  You gotta have good working tools to make the pieces to install on the boat.  It has two blade plates, one... Read more »