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On high school kids being cast in grown-up productions.

Do it.

I’m rehearsing Rhinoceros by Ionesco with the Hyde Park Players and having a pretty good time, especially as I’m not in charge of anything like I used to be back in the days when I had my own Theater company.  Such a bliss to just act!  Especially with such a good script and talented, friendly fellow actors.  One of them even brought pie to a rehearsal!  Heck yeah!

But I wanted to make a plea to all theater companies in the sound of my typing to hire on a high school aged human in every show you do.  I had a lovely time talking to a High School Senior who had been cast as a Rhino last night, who reminded me why I always tried to hire the young back when I was Large and In Charge.  Their enthusiasm is a soulful fire that will remind you why you wanted to do theater in the first place.  Did you know it’s actually fun?  It’s enjoyable!  And a damn privilege to be a part of.  Also, they haven’t been taught what can’t be done yet.  They haven’t been told what they are not supposed to feel.  And generally, they are better behaved than us adults, who have spent a lifetime gathering rationalizations for why it’s okay for us to dislike certain people for certain reasons that only serve to make our world certainly smaller.

Wisdom does not come from experience, it comes from the skillful application of experience, and that is not confined to the old.  Thanks little rhino for bringing the joy.  Keep it up.

Also, she read my blog and actually asked me questions about the more controversial stuff.  Thanks!  That's the only way to grow.

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