I’ve Got the Job…Now What? Balancing Your Work and Social Life

I’ve Got the Job…Now What? Balancing Your Work and Social Life

Carrie Bradshaw lied. I don’t know about you but Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw lied to me. I thought everyone over 25 worked high paid jobs yet still made cocktail hours on weekdays, fully clad in stilettos. Well that bitch was wrong. Now that I’m, as I like to call it, “The Ugly Side of 25”, I notice now that many of my preconceived delusions about a well balanced adulthood are literally the stuff of dreams. No one ever mentions the reality of adulthood. You spend so much time trying to get the job; you don’t ask yourself what you’re to go do afterwards. So what do you do when it seems like work related hours get longer and longer, while social events tend to rouse nostalgia? The 4-Star Explorer, will show you how.


-Be Gradual

We’ve all heard of a Mid-Life Crisis. And nowadays we, twenty-somethings, are starts to have our own claim at disturbance with the phenomena steadily being referred to as the Quarter-Life Crisis. I assure you though, nothing will be worst than going from couch-sitting to Miley Cyrus in your social life. You will be sure front load your senses and end up turning yourself from social events all together if you go too hard, too fast. Not to mention handovers take like a week to get over after like 22.

-Find Your “Happy”

Many Clock-Punchers and Junior Execs find that they lose a sense of self after working for an extended amount of time. The same hobbies don’t necessarily move them anymore.  It’s great to try new things but if you don’t have a standard “This is My Shit” list to consult, then you’ll find yourself dangling from trendy hotspot to trendy hotspot and once again get bored with the scene all together. By all means step outside the usual, but have like a starting five of things that are unequivocally “you.”

-Google, Google, GOOGLE!

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, Google is the greatest technologically advancement since started putting Microsoft on phones. From porn to those pesky lyrics that won’t leave your brain, Google has given you the top choices in information. With sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Trip Advisor becoming more and more of a way of life, there’s no way to claim you have nothing to do or no idea how what a place might be all about. Just let your fingers do the walking and get a digital bar crawl of any place in town.

-Chunk It!

Whether it’s bi-weekly, everyday or trimester, pick an amount of time that works for you to effective plan some things in advance to do.

-Yes...It’s Ok Cut Corners

We’re all adults here. How many times have lied to take off work? Or neglected to do something important because we wanted to catch the Bears play at our favorite bar? We’re adults not saints. Just because you know better don’t always mean you have to do it. Live a little.

-Let Go

Maybe you’ve got a huge case in the morning and can’t make it to your Pilates class. Maybe your child is sick and you need to Nurse Mommy, and eventually catch the virus yourself. Let go of what you “think” a thriving social life should look like and just enjoy life. We often get the best times of our lives, just sitting back and letting shit happen.

These tips aren’t always full proof. As a first full-time year teacher I struggle often with prying myself from the educational and emotional needs of my students. I often struggle with self-imposed guilt over leaving immediately after school so I can slump into the nearest bed or ottoman. And  I know I’m not the only one, how many moms nail themselves to the” jungle gym” when the only things that’s stopped them from leaving the kids on swings and taking off for a nap in the car is the fact that negligent charges are stricter and they left all the snack in the diaper bag on the bench? There are a million reasons why we as tax-paying, schedule juggling, coffee guzzling step-setters don’t take enough “me” time. The point is, you’ve got to start somewhere. A 30-minute walk today. Weekly yoga classes in a few weeks. Full-on Day trips in some months. Whatever it is, you can’t spin your proverbial wheels too long without a social recharge. So in the words uttered by many teenage girls, please, get a life.

What are some ways you take time to get your party on without causing your work life harm? Please leave a comment and maybe pick up some extra tips!

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  • I'm 52 and still struggle daily with finding the balance. Good advice here.

  • In reply to Kerri K. Morris:

    Thanks! I'm 26 and the only thing that makes me look forward to 30 is the hope that I will one day be able to be able to go to work and go out in the same thing. Good to know that the struggle is real lol

  • Thanks for sharing this article. This might be the answer to all workaholics nowadays. I think, the best thing to do is to contemplate on our priorities in life. Yes, I agree, once in a while, we need to be gradual and relax. We must also find enjoyment while working. Its a thorough balance between working habits and life's enjoyment after all.

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