Solange 'Shuts Down' Chicago

Solange. The living, breathing entity of everything that is wonderful and wild and natural and free. This past Monday 4-Star Explorer got the chance to shout, shimmy, and shake to the hits from Solange's recently released EP, True. The EP has been receiving rave reviews since June and for good reason. True does a good job of pulling from past music inspirations like 80s-90s freestyle and club music. This fusing of retro and modern makes her music experimental. Add that to Solange's cerebral and heartfelt lyrics and you'll find yourself, like me, playing this album over and over again.

But the road to seeing Solange on stage was almost the quest that wasn't. My 2 previous concert companions weren't able to attend leaving me an extra ticket and no show mate. But explorer insider, Monica Hernandez, stepped in literally hours before the show to make the show truly memorable. Not only did she cause me to nearly spew Woodchuck Hard Cider from my nose but she shared a true concert goer tip, "When getting a drink before the band starts, always double cup!"

Bottom Lounge offers a great bar area and vibe. I was completely expecting to have to elbow wrestle for space but all concert patrons were completely chill. They even allowed Monica and I to weave back and forth to our near stage spaces for various beer and bathroom runs. I suggest you never go to a concert alone if only for the purpose of making sure someone is there to save your spot and act as a crossing guard so you have someone to share the bevy of glares from stationary patrons. That night Solange gave a beautiful performance despite Bottom Lounge's lacking sounds systems. She performed popular hits such as Losing You, Bad Girls, Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work and also announced her new single video Lovers in the Parking Lot. She also revamped previous Sol-Angel hits Stillness is the Move, Tony, and her closing song Sandcastle Disco.

On the way to the car, still slightly intoxicated by cheap drinks and neon lights, I was elated as I snaked through the crowd. I overheard someone shout, "Oh she did that! Mama shut it down!" I couldn't help but agree as I prepared to brave the less enjoyed event of Chicago traffic. Here's my favorite clip from Solange's shoutworthy Chicago performance. Solange transitions from popular True EP single "Bad Girls" to a beautiful cover of late 90s Latina singer, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez's "I Could Fall in Love."

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