Best of Chicago: February Explorer of the Month

Best of Chicago: February Explorer of the Month
courtesy of Chicago Magazine

Around here at 4-Sar Explorer, we get to come into contact with what we think are the best of Chicago. And in their own zany, clever, and sometimes perplexing way they stand out as top notch in our book when it comes to insider city-slicker secrets.   Profiling yet another of Chicago's notable metropolitan trekkers, this February we find ourselves in the month devoted to knowledge and love. Continuing this month's theme of Ignite Your Passion, we found a lady that's sure to learn you a thing or two about the ways of love, but she's no heart breaker her job is to mend. Though we're pretty sure there is no doctorate available, I think it's safe to say Jasmine Yates of J.O.Y Love: Lessons of Love Sex and Dating blog, is a bonafide love doctor. And yes, pun very much intended. Through her written words of wisdom she digitally prescribes how-tos from the best questions to ask on a first date, the all too important first kiss, and most importantly the secret on how to get laid. But what makes the word behind the girl? Find out some dish on Ms. Yates below, and find out just what makes her "the best".

Jasmine Yates of J.O.Y. Love

Jasmine Yates

Age: 28

Occupation: Professional Matchmaker/Divorce Lawyer

Location: Ravenswood

Favorite Hangout: Maitisse in Lincoln Park

Interests: courtship, sociology, law, music and writing

Favorite Chicago Experience: Sitting out on various patios under the sunshine while consuming yummy food and beverages.

Worst Chicago Experience: Getting lost in the freezing cold and not being able to find anyone to give me correct directions.

What kind of "explorer" are you? I'm a loyal explorer. If I find a spot I like I will go back repeatedly. If I find a server or bartender I enjoy I will request them on a regular basis.

It's a Friday night in the city, you are likely.....? At home writing. I usually go out on Saturdays.

What's one thing/experience that you'd like to share with the masses? I would like to encourage the masses to venture outside of their neighborhood. You never know what great food, experiences, or people are tucked away across town.


Are you a notable or especially knowledgeable Chi-town explorer? Do you have a unique view on Chicago? Let us know, we'd love to feature you in a future issue. Comment below or contact us at and tell us exactly what makes you the best of Chicago.

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