From Pinot Grigio to Picasso: Arts N Spirits Wine & Art Class

Arts N Spirits Wine and Art Classes
1921 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
Art N Spirits Wine and Art Class

In a month dedicated to wooing your fancies, is it any wonder we chose Ignite Your Passion as our monthly theme? Staying true to the motto, I, Shavon "Vonnie" Coleman, on behalf of 4-Star Explorer decided to pursue a dear passion of Bring in Arts-N-Spirits Wine and Art Class. Learn to create remarkable remakes of classic pieces from artists such as Van Gogh and Monet, or simply sip until all the colors pop in the room. I got the chance to meet with co-owners, Jessica Hess and Vik Choksh. Also adding to her duties of owner, Jess for short, mans the unstable reins as instructor.

What was the occasion for such a spirited outing? Why none other than Enedina Munoz, the evening's registered Birthday Girl as well as 4-Star's frequented explorer sources.

Once you enter the quaint brightly lit studio, hopefully taking advantage of the BYOB policy, you can grab the nostalgic relic known as the smock. You get the all the necessary brushes, colors and materials and then are face to face with blank canvas. Don't worry, Jess does a great job of leading even the most creatively challenged among us. There's no experience necessary just a bit of concentration and a bottle opener. Just kidding, all wine corkers, ice, cooling tubs, and cups are provided. And don't feel constricted to just wine...A-n-S welcomes the likes of hard liquors both light and dark varieties. But remember, this isn't a bash from your college days. You're still responsible for maintaining order and you may be gently reminded that overindulge is not permitted. So don't let a half-finished painting be a constant reminder of your lack of ability to drink in moderation. To further combat the chances of a frat party breaking out over easels and circle brushes, a variety of musical tastes emits through the studio while you're painting, seemingly lulling you into a symphonic submission.

Somewhere between glass clinks and brush strokes pops out a rendition that could rival Rembrandt, ok maybe that's just the Riesling talking. Whether painted to perfection or ill illustrated, two hours will seem to fly by and whatever the finished product you'll feel compelled to display your work while beaming with pride. Check out our pictures from our excursion to Arts-N-Spirits Wine and Art Class below!

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