Explorer of the Month-January

Explorer of the Month-January

January is a natural time for new beginnings. Chance encounters can become life-long inspirations. Such is the case with this month's profileé, who through her 12 month weight-loss battle, has become a beacon of guidance for many still fighting a never-ending battle of the bulge. Through her miraculous 87 lb shedding, she has remained humble and grateful to life while spreading her special brand of "Gwyn-spiration". Gwyn Eggestein, who has recently been added to the ChicagoNow ranks with her Gwynspiration for Weight Loss blog, inspired me at the most uncoventional of places, a bar. At the time just a chance meeting, we got to chat during ChicagoNow's Holiday Blatherings Party. I offered her a ride home (knowing how it can be for a woman riding the transit at night) and the rest was proverbial history. I knew then as she broke down the guidelines of weight lost that I wanted her to be the face of my January issue. What was her secret? Weight Watchers. She swears by the point system even getting the chance to act as spokesperson for the company this month at a local WW event. So how has gaining an opportunity that most could only dream of living a second life invigorated her to explore Chicago? Let's find out...

Gwyn Eggestein

Age: 32
Occupation: Social Worker
Location: Bolingbrook, IL
Favorite Hangout: New Life Lutheran Church
Interests: Scrapbooking, helping others, fun fitness, bike riding, swimming, nature hikes, talking on the phone

Favorite Chicago Experience:Traveling with my college group to learn about Street Wise Newspaper and how the program helps individuals.

Worst Chicago Experience: By far is being stuck in a fast cab ride in Lower Wacker drive. The cab driver was weaving in and around the cement dividers. Absolutely awful and scary.

What kind of "explorer" are you? I'm a planner and will try anything at least once. When I went to Czech Republic for school, I was named the "first person to try something new".

It's a Friday night in the city, you are likely.....? If the weather is warm, walk and enjoy sites and sounds. If the weather is cold, most likely I'm out shopping.

What's one thing/experience that you'd like to share with the masses? When approaching weight loss and wellness, surround yourself with supportive people. The more you have on your side the better you will be in the long run. Take one day at a time and have fun with it. Mix it up with fun fitness and new recipes. Life is not meant to be boring, neither is a new healthy lifestyle.

Are you a notable or especially knowledgeable city-slicker? Do you have a unique view on Chicago? Let us know, we'd love to feature you in a future issue. Comment below or contact us at fourstar.explorer@yahoo.com.

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Read about our outing later this week!

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