12 Days of 4-Star-The Shit Show

12 Days of  4-Star-The Shit Show

On the first day of 4-Star my city gave to me....a show that was truly "shitty." Last night I visited Shambles in between Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village for what was assured to be a hilarious good time and at the very least a place where I could drink myself to the point where everything was funny. The Shit Show is a comedy variety show that has since shed its previous open mic format for a more scheduled sidesplitting experience. After being invited by Rasa Gierstikas, who co-hosts the event alongside Ever Mainard, I was enamored by the unique personality of the show. This ain't your average comedy club and that two drink minimum shit is so flushed as both performers and crowd are fueled by free shots of Fireball Whiskey at various parts of the show.

YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW! You probably think 5-10 minutes isn't enough to get a laugh off but these comedians, for lack of a better term, cut the shit and make their way straight to your funny bone in record time. The small loft space above the main Shambles bar area provided great atmosphere and seemed to bring a casual setting that promoted more relaxed conversation with the show-goers around you. Or maybe that was free Fireball shots. All I know is I haven't laughed so much at one time before. Ever and Rasa take the mic to spread jokes as well as host. Some of the comedians also performing were Paul Simmons, Hosts of Entertaining Julie comedy show-The Puterbaugh Sisters, and Kellye Howard of the We're Blasian show at Jokes & Notes. But the standouts were Natalie Jose, co-host at Shinebox Comedy, and Danny Kallas. These comedians had me constantly yelling the audience cue of a great performance, "Best Joke! Best Joke!"

With pros like free cover, complimentary shots, new and crafted talent, as well as being located on one of the best bars and taverns strip in the city, it's confusing guessing how the name got its ordure origins. Check out their promotional video below, but trust me the minute and four blurb doesn't do it justice. Get out and see this show of phenomenal fecal secretions! Every last Friday of the month at 8pm. (Though the crew will be taking a small siesta during December but will back in January.) Located at Shambles, 2050 West Division Street  Chicago, IL.

Special thanks again to hosts Rasa Gierstikas and Ever Mainard! They were so gracious and welcoming, they really showed me a good time!

The Shit Show ~ Comedy Showcase from Eliaz Rodriguez - ERvisual on Vimeo.

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"Jingle Word"-Fireball

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