Girl, Saw It On Pinterest

Girl, Saw It On Pinterest

On the sixth day of 4-Star my city gave to me...ah, screw it I've run out of clever rhymes. I, along with 90% of the female population with access to the internet, have spent countless hours clicking and pinning imaginary wedding invitation designs and cool tattoo designs on the popular interests website, Pinterest. Literally the digital version of pinning magazine clips to  a cork board, Pinterest let's you view pins tailored to your interests. You can also create your own board, for others to follow, customized with your own artwork or likes. Like hair braiding? Designing a new loft space? Or do you just like looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling? This is the site for you.

Another popular section of the site is the Do-It-Yourself portion. Here, we all kid ourselves into thinking we can make a custom picture frame wood piece. We prick our fingers trying to remember if we pearl once or knit twice. With the holiday, and more importantly, gifting season looming in these last 20 something days until Christmas I decided to strike out on my own and try to create my own Pinterest inspired craft idea. I love customizing gifts for my friends and family so I decided to create a nice picture board with various group and paired pictures of my best mates! Something nice that can be reminisced on but stylish and ultimately displayable.

Here's what you'll need: Canvas Panel (Walmart sells them 3 for $5. They are also good with oil and acrylic paints), Acrylic Paint (Gloss version is .97 cents at Walmart), Brushes (About a dollar for 3 various sizes), Tacky glue ($1.50), Prints of Various Pictures (This will be up to you on the pricing. Stalk every social media for pics of you and your loved ones. Try to display at least 3 different pics.), Decorations (This also depends on your personal preference. You may want to use glitter, stickers, small wood lettering, or anything! I chose to keep it simple and stuck with decorative ribbon. And at $1.97 a yard at Walmart I couldn't argue.)

Here's the steps I suggest you follow. Keep in mind that I am a DIY novice so my word only goes so far. I am not liable for any glued limbs...

1. I suggest making the prints first. This will have an effect on the spacing and orientation on the board. Try to include a solo picture of whoever the gift-receiver may be so that they know you made it with them in mind, instead of looking like you just glued a bunch of pictures to a board. (Which is essentially what we're doing)

2. Next, with a pencil, sketch out the area for each picture you plan to include. Use a ruler to make precise lines and measurements. I had to learn this trial-by-error, because I sketched out the lines first without getting the pictures. And once I got the prints which were completely different from my measurements. I had to start over.

3. Next apply the paint. Use one solid "pop" color so that all the decorations and pictures stand out. Like a Reese's peanut butter cup there's no wrong way to do this. I just globed the paint onto the easel and smoothed it out the paint brush. But if you wanna be fancy with it, you can get a disposable cup and water to clean the brush. Put at least two coats on, avoiding the lines you made through sketching.

4. After the easel dries, start compiling and cutting the pictures you plan to display.

5. Once again, check if they fit within the sketch spaces you made earlier.

6. Then use the tacky glue to adhere the pictures to the easel.

7.  Let the pictures dry and then you can go crazy on the decorations!

And presto! You've got a nice art piece made with love! And for about $8 each it's not too bad on the pockets and offers an alternative to meaningless gift giving. You can save even more if you see if you have items like glue, glitter or brushes lying around the house.

Here's the finished product, judge for yourself.


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 Jingle Word- Tacky Glue


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