Are YOU a Willing Slave?

Are YOU a Willing Slave?
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This eighth day of 4-Star, I wanted to shed some light on the issues of that just so happen to plague those with dark skin. Now, I'm not going to go into the history and social significances of slavery seeing as I have neither the time nor hard drive to dedicate. Being an African-American female growing up in one of the most segregated city's in the nation, I did feel at the bottom of the food chain so to speak: white woman are praised in every major magazine in syndication, Latin and Middle Eastern women are seen as "exotic", and Asian women are thought to be obedient. And before you go jumping down my throat I do not believe those stereotypes but you'd be a damn fool and liar if you said those beliefs weren't there. But I was lucky enough to have a family and support system that made me feel good about myself but I still went through my share of self discovery. But what about those who don't. What about those African-American folks that we see on television with head scarves, rollers, and bonnets embarrassing the race? Or young black teens walking around showing more of their flesh and under garments than should be shown in public? Have you ever thought that the faceless "government" or whatever secret group of villains, I assume have old-timey twisty handlebar mustaches, are trying to keep certain groups in the country down?

This weekend marks the release of Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin. The first installment Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent was a documentary released in 2011 covering the inaccuracies of the recorded history of the African people as well as popular figures and inventions that were not correctly dubbed as originating from African influence. The film's creator Tariq Nasheed, New York Time Bestseller and also featured on MTV's MADE, gives his testimony and research as well as input from other African Studies scholars. The movie didn't have a wide release and was circulated very much "illuminati-like." You know, a friend of a friend of a Masonic member showed it to you. The movie was met with differing opinions. Many people were excited that the supposed it truth about people of African descent was finally being let out. Others pronounced it as nothing more than conspiracy theory nonsense.

I was excited to go see the movie seeing as I had gotten inspired by the first movie and also that Chicago was one of the only movie theaters in the country allowed for viewing. I unfortunately was subjected to another alleged black invitation, CP time, as I was running late to the movie which was ultimately sold out. From what I heard from my friends that beau-regarded themselves in, the movie was just as inspiring and impacting as the first. Some of the experts return such as Dr. Phil Valentine and Booker T. Coleman but also get a lot of new blood as the likes of hip-hop icon KRS-One join this installment.

When I saw the first movie I couldn't explain the amount of pride and ultimate relief I had felt. Like finally I had an answer to this "being greater than yourself" feeling I had always felt. I remember when when I was learning imperialism in history class when I was growing up and raising my hand and asking, "where are all the black people," and being subsequently shot down by my teacher. A honest mistake then, but a realization discovered today that history isn't just these chucks of time blocked off and happening in individual areas and countries, people traveled. And it's up to us, to search for our own truth. And not just blacks, all races! Who knows the great hidden accomplishments of our ancestors. All I'm trying to encourage is to not take everything in life at face value. Try your best to be an informed person, if not in the news and current events then at least in your damn self. Don't be a willing participant in the newest form of slavery.

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