A Few of My Favorite Things....

A Few of My Favorite Things....

On the fourth day of 4-Star my city gave to me...a list of my favorite movies. Sure everything around the Christmas season gives you the warm fuzzies but nothing calls on childhood nostalgia quite like some of the great holiday movies from the days of old. Here's my list of my top favorite holiday movies.

1. The Year Without a Santa Claus

Without a doubt this is the best Christmas movie ever! It has several character plots followed throughout the movie not to mention some of the best song and dance numbers I have ever experienced in stop-motion movies. This movie is very close to my heart as there's a tradition of watching it with my mother since I was a wee one. It actually spawned a frequent pet name for me if I haven't done my hair for a while, Heat Miser. And I dare you, I double dog dare you not to cry during I Believe in Santa Claus and Blue Christmas.

2. A Christmas Story

Speaking of double dog dares nothing is quite as synonymous with the holidays as the retro tale of Ralphie Parker and his quest at receiving that coveted Red Ryder BB Gun. And that's not surprising seeing as it's practically the only thing on the TBS network's December lineup. And if that wasn't enough, they use a tactic familiar to psychological warfare by playing it for the full 24 hours of Christmas Day. But PSY-OPs aside, Christmas Story is wonderful in that it's a coming of age story that is relatable for all viewers. Who doesn't remember their first fight or the first time you dropped an f- bomb and got caught? And the mnemonic "you'll shoot your eye out" will forever be programmed in your head.

3. Charlie Brown Christmas

Aw snap! Grab your security blanket, get your nickle for the psychiatric can, decorate that dinky Christmas tree and come on! Holy Syndicated Racial Exclusion, Charlie Brown, it's Christmas again! (Because apparently there's only one black and poor kid in their neighborhood) The classic Peanuts gang joins together once more to celebrate some holiday celebration or other, full of campy hi-jinks of kids trying to make sense of a grown-up world. There is lots to love with this movie from the cute little songs to the infusions of jazz to candid commentary on supposed it social norms.

4. Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Another tale from Dr. Seuss.
About a hateful green recluse.
Who got so sick of those goody little Whos.
And decided to steal all their shit, even down to their little who shoes. I don't have to recap one of the most beloved tales from the iconic children's writer. As a child it tugged on my heart strings that even a crooked toothed little orge (not to be confused with the other famous green orge Shrek) could be overwhelmed by the spirit of joy, love, and brotherhood. Honestly over the years I've grown from childlike wonder to appreciating the cunning gusto of the Grinch. Sometimes it's nice to root for the villain.

5. Seven Wives for Seven Brothers

Though the musical is not directly a Christmas movie, part of it does take place during winter and there's something about the song and dance numbers that gets me in the holiday spirit. I just snuggle on in with my huge downy comforter and watch the ultimate love story of seven barbaric yet strapping young gingers who take part in the romantic ritual of kidnapping the gals of their dreams. Shortly after getting trapped in the Rockies during a huge snowstorm. And you cannot miss the mountain man's ode to suffering from blue balls during the Lonesome Polecat number. "I’m a mean old hound dog/Bayin’ at the moon/‘cause I ain’t got no/Lady friend hound dog /Here to hear my tune/Oo-oo-Oo-oo/A man can’t sleep/When he sleeps with sheep." The ladies eventually give themselves over to Stockholm syndrome and allow themselves to be domineered by their men. Somebody gets knocked up, the girls all admit to being whores and claim the baby belongs to each of them, and at the end there's a lovely shotgun wedding.

What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Share below or email us at fourstar.explorer@yahoo.com. And don't forget about the chance to win fabulous prizes from 4-Star Explorer. Read 12 Days of 4-Star Giveaway for more details.

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