Does New Year's Trump Jesus?

Does New Year's Trump Jesus?
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Well, it's 12-12-12 and in my mortal fear of dieing a brutal meteor smashing death, I may have neglected to post the 11th day of the 12 Days of 4-Star series. Ah, who am I kidding? I fell asleep during Watch What Happens Live. But between my dream state and the shameless advertising of Skinnygirl products on the Bravo network I had a thought. It's easy to get caught up in all the wintery feelgood idealism that makes us forget the other drab 334 days of the years but you can't deny that there's a December dichotomy between what's supposed to be the celebration of our Lord when he was in his onesies phase and the coming of another awesome toddler baby New Year. And it got me thinking, do we secretly pit Christmas against New Year's Eve?

Follow me for a second. One of the most common questions I get around this time is, "What are you doing for New Year's?" Maybe the hope for a better year is looming or maybe it's the fact that for one time of the year it's completely socially acceptable to consume lethal amounts of alcoholic beverages and more than likely obtaining your first hangover of the year. Also, take into consideration that for years we've been programmed that Christmas is more of a children's holiday. We go to great lengths to preserve the existence of a certain fat man in red and thus choose commercialism over spiritualism. What with the million television ads for the newest manufactured piece of crap toy from China that probably has some unforeseen seizure inducing quality? And who hasn't been dragged out to pay the ever growing box office prices for the latest shitty animated film about some cute cuddly critter that discovers the true meaning of Christmas by their resident rugrat? Yea, like I needed to pay almost $15 a pop to watch two hours of Santa reason with the Easter Bunny on why Christmas has more holiday clout.

I guess it all comes down to how you feel. Both holidays have been for lack of a better term "bastardized" from their original intention of good will and kindness and love. And it's not like Christmas doesn't have it's perks of gifts, good food, and a paid holiday. And if you're down with the big J Man there's that whole freeing our souls from total damnation thing. Me, I love both holidays. Christmas lets me enjoy the family members I don't get to see during the year. New Year's Eve lets me drink and forget all the mental damage they have inflicted on me throughout my life. And with the tons of terrible gifts I received on Christmas I can have some spending money for the new year with the butt load of returns.

So who win's the December holiday bout for you? Is it a draw, or a knockout that would rival the likes of Pacquiao? Comment below.

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  • Christmas is for family, especially the kids. We get to catch up with family members whom we don't see very often. While New Years are spent drinking and partying with friends. I can't choose between the two, for me it's a draw.

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