Second Time's the Charm

For the seventh day of our 12 Days of 4-Star blogging excursion, we revisited one our favorite local outings, spoken word with Ms. Deana Dean at Soul Restoration! Previously featured in our article I Heard the Word we set out to feed our souls and our bellies as we sampled some of the savory vegan cuisine offered at Soul Vegetarian restaurant. Once again, we got to watch Deana, between the bites of veggie fried rice, as she molded words to restore the weariest of spirits.

After exchanging hugs and greetings with Deana we sat back and my jaw once again swept the floor in awe of the lyrical prowess of some the poets that evening. Built like a workshop meant to hone the sharpest of verbal skills, these oral artists say boo to mere recital of meaningless notes learned like some sort of rote memorization exercise. Here, the words breathe life as they glide from the performer's lips and sore into the hearts and minds of the audience. It's all very group think-but in a good way. I was also excited as I noticed the supposed it new BYOB component as many of the event-goers opened up various wine bottles and receptacles and pour up the good stuff to further the etymological enlightenment. Some of the notable performers that evening was Jade Ivy of Black Culture Connection Chicago, co-host of Windy City Underground-Nikki G, and guest host for the evening-Tiff Beatty.

Once again the evening was amazing and I found myself mimicking a deer meeting it's ultimate demise as I stared in bewilderment of these titans of terminologies among men. And finally I was able to get video of one of Deana's poems. Check out this footage of one of the evening's stellar pieces and excuse the lighting, things got a bit more "intimate" as the show got more adult in content. Thanks so much to Deana for offering us Southsiders some amazing talent and a bit of culture.

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Jingle Word- Poetry


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