Explorer of the Month-November

Explorer of the Month-November

The search for Chicago's hippest citizens continues. Third time is definitely the charm as we welcome November's own dynamic diva for another go of our segment, Explorer of the Month. Usually I scour far and wide to showcase some of the hottest and happening Chicago residents around (who coincidentally have all had ladyparts) but this month's feature was a little more closer to home...or work rather. My fellow teacher slash work wonder woman slash motorcycle mama, Alexis Gonzales, is the embodiment of a strong and successful Latina woman. She almost single-handedly runs the English department as well as most of the school while I try to make it through the day without getting Expo marker on my blouse. And while I'm coming up all thumbs on lesson planning she's off attending anywhere near seven important meetings a week for our building and surrounding area network. She not only works hard she plays just as hard on her down time. That's my Alexis, saving the world one school and one bar visit at a time.

Alexis Gonzales

Age: 33

Occupation: Teacher

Location: Southside of Chicago/Midway Area

Favorite Hangout: Buzz Bomb in Bedford Park, IL

Interests: Riding my Harley all over the city, visiting restaurants featured on Check, Please

Favorite Chicago Experience: My favorite experiences are tied at attending the Diabetes annual walk along Soldier Field's Lakefront and watching a U2 concert in the same arena.

Worst Chicago Experience: My worst Chicago experience is seeing my old neighborhood in Westlawn very gang infested. I hate seeing graffitti everywhere. It's not the wonderful place I grew up.

What kind of "explorer" are you? I'm a "native" explorer. I like to find restaurants with authentic food & and even more authentic live music.

It's a Friday night in the city, you are likely.....? On a Friday night you might find me riding my Harley to Buzz Bomb to relax with friends or perhaps dance to some old school music or salsa.

What's one thing/experience in Chicago that you'd like to share with the masses? The best experience of Chicago I'd like to share is the richness of culture you can find on the Southside. Specifically going to a Mexican restaurant and hearing a trio sing classic Mexican songs. It takes me back to my roots and I feel proud of what our culture offers. One place I always find great food and musicians is El Veneno Mariscos near 68th and Pulaski. They've got real good spicy langostinos.

Want to know more about this month's featured city-slicker? Are you the proverbial "cool kid" and would like to be featured in the future? Or would you simply like to add some testosterone to the mix? (Seriously, we need men featured here!!!) Then contact us at fourstar.explorer@yahoo.com.

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