Explorer of the Month!

Explorer of the Month!

During my travels I've gotten the chance to meet many of the city's hippest and fiercest that offer great insider information on the best spots in the city. These patrons are what I deem the embodiment of urban Chicago and what 4-Star Explorer stands for so I got to thinking...why not show them off! This led to the creation of 4-Star's Explorer of the Month. When it came to 4-Star's proverbial first time I thought it'd be best to pop the cherry with one of my first informants for one of my earlier articles on Shrine House Music Sundays.

Pamela Estwick

Age: 36

Occupation: Management

Location: South Side!

Favorite Hangout: The Shrine's BANG house music Sundays by DJ Terry Hunter

Interests: health and fitness, dancing, music, arts, entertainment, concerts, festivals and cultural events.

Favorite Chicago Experience: Attending the annual chosen few house music picnic that takes place in early July on the south side. Only in Chicago will you get ten-thousand house music lovers together to party in peace and have fun in the park from sun up to sun down. Every year we get to the park at 6 am to setup our tents and grills and we don’t leave until dark. House music all day and night long!

Worst Chicago Experience: Snowmageddon – The blizzard of 2011! Over 20 inches of snow in one day was enough to make me reconsider why I live here – smiles. I’m going to retire someplace tropical!

What kind of "explorer" are you? I’m an international explorer. My taste buds love food of a wide variety of ethnicities. I love to discover new restaurants and pick something new and “exotic” on the menu.

It's a Friday night in the city, you are likely.....? Out seeing a movie, hanging with friends, or chilling out at home with some good music. Club 106.3 FM has classic Chicago house music on the airwaves from 9pm – midnight. Sometimes you just want to relax a little and have that club experience at home!

What's one thing/experience in Chicago that you'd like to share with the masses?

You can find a fun and exciting event of some sort going on in Chicago 7 nights a week. There’s no excuse to be bored if you have an adventurous spirit. Get out there and discover something new! Art galleries, museums, parties, shopping, food and life in Chicago await you!

That's not all! Tell her what she's won....Pamela, as well as all future winners, has gotten the chance to join 4-Star on our next exploring adventure and will be featured in our next blog post.

Read about our outing here: Sorors in the City

Do you or someone you know want to be nominated for the next "Explorer of the Month" segment? Then contact us at fourstar.explorer@yahoo.com for more information.

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