Cubs Should Bring Back David Ross if Davey Martinez Leaves

Cubs bench coach and longtime Joe Maddon confidante Davey Martinez has interviewed for plenty of managerial jobs over the past several seasons, including with these same Nationals, so it’s certainly no guarantee that he will replace Dusty Baker as the next manager in Washington. But if he does leave, here’s hoping that David Ross takes... Read more »

Bears Playing Scared on Offense

I know what you’re probably thinking—the Bears won the game and, in fact, have won back-to-back games, so why can’t you be happy, Bob Warja? After all, a win is a win. Well, first of all, I am happy they won, but no, a win is not a win. Some wins translate better than others.... Read more »

How Long Will Joe Maddon Manage the Cubs?

Look, this is not a “fire Joe Maddon” meme by any means, as despite the criticism I may have levied on Maddon during the last two postseason runs, he is still one of the best managers in the game. However, he turns 64 in February, and one has to wonder how long he will want... Read more »
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Analyzing the Cubs Offseason Shopping List

Now that their season is officially (and sadly) over, it’s time to examine the roster deficiencies and outline what the Cubs needs are going into the 2018 season. It may be too soon, with the Cubs fresh off a disappointing but expected loss to the Dodgers Thursday night, but looking forward helps to reduce the... Read more »

Criticism of Joe Maddon is Warranted, but Players Must Step Up & Win

Sure, like a lot of you, I’ve been critical of moves made by Cubs manager Joe Maddon. That’s not to say that I don’t think he is a good manager overall—I do. But especially in the postseason, Maddon panics and over-manages, and his bullpen management has been nothing short of atrocious. But with all that... Read more »

Bears Victory Secondary to Development of Trubisky

Sure, it was nice to see the Bears actually win for a change, as an improbable 27-24 overtime victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday improved Chicago’s record to 2-4 on the year. But what’s much more important at this point is the continued development of young franchise quarterback Mitch Trubisky, who will be critical... Read more »

It's Trubisky Time! Why the Bears Must Start Rookie QB vs Vikings

Ever since the kid flashed some hope in the preseason, fans and even some media have been screaming for Chicago Bears rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky to begin his inevitable journey as the (hopefully) franchise QB for an organization that has really never had one in its existence. And now I agree—it is TRUBISKY TIME! I... Read more »

Who Should Start Game 1 of the NLDS for the Cubs?

Now that the Cubs have clinched the NL Central, and we know that they will play the Dusty Baker-led Washington Nationals starting on October 6th, the question on the minds of Cubs fans is who should start Game 1 and really, does it even matter? I mean, is winning the first game any more important... Read more »

Just Who Are These 'Jekyll & Hyde' Chicago Bears?

So, after three weeks of play, Bears fans don’t know if their team is good, bad or in-between. Are they the team that almost beat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 and did beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday? Or are they the sloppy, mistake-prone, awful-looking team that was crushed by the Tampa Bay Bucs?... Read more »

Despite Calls for Mitch Trubisky, Don't Expect Bears to Answer Just Yet

The telephone is ringing, but John Fox and his staff aren’t answering just yet. That’s not to say they will simply let it ring forever, but at least for now, the calls from fans and media outlets for the Chicago Bears to start their future franchise QB Mitchell Trubisky is not something they are willing... Read more »