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Predicting a Cubs-Indians World Series Rematch

Now I know, there is hardly anybody picking the Cubs to win the World Series this year. Pundits are so enamored with the Los Angeles Dodgers that they can’t seem to even notice any other team. And with good reason—Da Bums are playing around .700 baseball, and lead their division by an astounding 17 games!... Read more »

How 17 Minutes Washed Away 107 Years of Futility for the Chicago Cubs

“Into each life some rain must fall.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow famously wrote seven words that will live in infamy for every Cubs fan around the world. While he wrote it some years ago, its relevance was very strong during the World Series in what was the greatest Game 7 of all-time. Or, if you prefer something more modern, Longfellow’s “the common... Read more »

Cubs Season Doesn't Mean a Thing Without That Ring

Sure, the 2016 Cubs had the best regular season team in all of baseball. And yes, they went to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. However, nothing has truly been accomplished yet, as no one really cares who finishes second in the World Series. In other words, let’s hold off on... Read more »

Wait ‘til This Year: 5 Ways Cubs Can Win the World Series

You know the familiar refrain. Year after year, even during the rare times when the Cubs had a winning team, they would inevitably fall short of a championship title and everyone would sigh while exclaiming, “well, wait til next year!” . So now next year is here and for the first time in 71 years,... Read more »

Cubs & Indians Fun World Series Facts

Cubs fans, once you’ve gotten over the initial shock that the Cubs are actually in the 2016 World Series, the only thing left to do between now and the start of the Series on Tuesday is to analyze the matchup (something we started doing here) and explore random World Series factoids. Facts and numbers, that is. Count... Read more »

After Kluber, Indians Starting Pitching is Shaky

The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series for the first time in 71 years, hoping to capture their first title since 1908 and only the Cleveland Indians stand in their way. And while the Indians are a very good ballclub, perhaps the best team the Cubs will have faced in the postseason, beyond the... Read more »

Why These Cubs Are Different Than 1984 & 2003

Since divisional play started, there has been two other times, prior to this year’s postseason, when the Cubs have been within one win of the World Series, a place they haven’t visited since 1945. However, unlike those teams, this ballclub just seems different to me, and I have confidence that I didn’t have, especially in... Read more »

Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Rizzo Blasts Cubs into Series Tie

Something odd always seems to happen to the Chicago Cubs whenever they get into the playoffs, except this time it was something good for a change. Using a theme from so many weddings, Anthony Rizzo borrowed a bat from a teammate and ended up leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers blue. The Cubs won 10-2, evening... Read more »

Is Maddon Good for Regular Season but Bad for Postseason?

Cubs manager Joe Maddon has brought Zen-like qualities to sports like we haven’t seen since the days of Phil Jackson. And during baseball long and ardous 162 game schedule, his approach, which borders on the comedic and is intended to relax the guys, is applauded for its calming affect on the team. And rightfully so.... Read more »

Why the Cubs Will / Will Not Win the World Series

Over a 162 game season, the cream always rises to the top. This year, that cream was the Cubs, who were clearly the best team over the course of the regular season. But in a short series, anything is possible and you can toss the regular season records out the window. Recognizing that, the Cubs... Read more »