It's Trubisky Time! Why the Bears Must Start Rookie QB vs Vikings


Ever since the kid flashed some hope in the preseason, fans and even some media have been screaming for Chicago Bears rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky to begin his inevitable journey as the (hopefully) franchise QB for an organization that has really never had one in its existence. And now I agree—it is TRUBISKY TIME!

I mean, unless you count Sid Luckman, which was a long time ago, or Jim McMahon, who couldn't stay healthy, you tell me who has held the mantle of Chicago Bears franchise QB? Now I'm not guaranteeing that young Mitchell is going to be THE GUY. but I do know this—we won't find out while he's on the sideline holding a clipboard, that's for damn sure.

And, following a couple of horrendous performances by current starter Mike Glennon, who had an improbable victory over the Steelers in between two awful performances to save his ass for another week, it's time that the reigns get handed over to the kid. This is a good time to do it because the team has an extended period of time to get ready.

Last week would not have been a good time to introduce Mr. Trubisky, because national TV might make the kid even more nervous than he's obviously going to be anyway, plus it's the damn Packers, our arch-rival and enemy of enormous proportions. Adding in the short week that a Thursday night game brings, and it's somewhat easy to see why that wasn't the right time to do this.

Recently, I told you not to expect the Bears to start Trubisky anytime soon. And it's still possible that Ryan Pace sticks to his plan not to start Trubisky this season. However, things have changed. The Bears are 1-3, and while it's a rebuilding year, John Fox wants to win now and it's clear that Trubisky gives the team its best chance to win.

The reason I say that is, for one, he can't be much worse than Glennon. Actually, that's not true—he could be much worse. But I don't think so. Secondly, that game plan Glennon is running is so slimmed down it should be in a commercial for Jenny Craig. Tell me that even an inexperienced signal caller such as Trubisky couldn't handle something as simple as that?

Where are the Bears going this season anyway? Are they playoff contenders? Hardly. The expectations are down, so if Trubisky loses, it won't be a poor reflection on him. I just hope that if he does start against Minnesota, that fans don't expect too much from the kid.

After all, even though I'm suggesting that this would be the right time to unleash Trubisky, it is a Mike Zimmer defense he would be facing. And while Zimmer is the head coach, and not the defensive coordinator, I'm sure he has his mitts on that defense, and he is known to be a tough-minded defensive specialist, who will almost certainly look to rattle the young Trubisky.

Meanwhile, I know this team lacks the offensive weapons that a QB needs to succeed, but the number one reason why I believe Trubisky can do well is that he is mobile. Not only can he turn a broken play into a scramble for yardage, he seems adept at moving his feet in the pocket to buy time for the wideouts to get open.

Also, Trubisky has shown that, in limited playing time, he can look off his primary target and survey the field for the open man. Glennon locks on to a guy and all the defense needs to do is to watch his eyes and they know where the ball is going. That is, when he's not fumbling it away or throwing to the opposing team's defense.

Look, I'm not saying that Trubisky is going to the Hall of Fame. I'm not even saying he is going to be any good. We just don't know. But hey, that's the point, isn't it? We won't know until he gets the chance to show everybody what he can do. The early results in camp weren't anything special, but he looked good in preseason games. So let's see what he's got.

The other thing is that this is all inevitable. You don't draft a player No. 2 overall not to play him. You don't make a trade to move up one spot unless that guy is absolutely your idea of a franchise QB. You may be wrong, but at some point you're going to find out. Why not now?

I mean, what do the Bears and John Fox have to lose, except for more games if they stick with Glennon.


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