Let the QB Controversy Begin: Mitch Trubisky Impresses in Bears Debut


“Mike’s the starter,” Trubisky said. “This is his team.”

Ah yes, the fact that young Mitchell even felt the need to utter those words makes you realize just what is developing here, in a town that always loves the backup QB and has been known to experience a QB controversy or two over the years. Of course, Mike Glennon's performance didn't help matters any.

Look, I understand it was only one game, and I also get it that it was a meaningless exhibition game, and that his performance came against second and third string defenders. But I don't care about any of that right now. After watching bum after bum try and take the mantle as the Chicago Bears franchise QB, watching Mitchell Trubisky impersonate an NFL QB on Thursday night was fun.

He may throw two interceptions the next time he is on the field. But for this one day at least, I'll be damned if the kid from North Carolina didn't actually resemble a real, honest-to-goodness NFL QB.

Following a performance in the second half of the Bears preseason opener against the Broncos, in which he went 18-of-25 for 166 yards and a touchdown to Victor Cruz, suddenly the talk starts about letting Trubisky take the snaps in the season opener on August 19th instead of Glennon.

Hey, it didn't help matters that Glennon looked awful against an admittedly stout Denver defense. Though he did have to throw against better defensive players than his counterpart did, he certainly couldn't have looked worse doing so. He was 2-of-8 for 20 yards with a zero QB rating.

Chris Harris, Jr. intercepted an errant pass from Glennon in the first quarter and ran it back 50 yards for a TD.

Now, before we get up over our skis with this whole thing, understand that the Bears are paying Glennon a lot of money and that the plan has always been to have him play the bulk of the time this season, while Trubisky sits as the number three QB behind both Glennon and Mark Sanchez.

After all, Trubisky started only 13 games in college. But if he continues to look like he did Thursday night, the fans and perhaps even the locker room will demand that the kid plays.

After taking over for Sanchez, Trubisky completed his first 10 passes and even looked the part. He ran well, and commanded the huddle like a veteran. He may not end up starting the seaosn as the number one QB, but there is a lot to like here with this kid.

GM Ryan Pace took a lot of crap from Bears fans, including this one, when he made the trade to move up to the second pick in the draft to take Trubisky. A lot of us thought that he didn't need to make the trade to get Mitch, plus we liked Deshaun Watson better anyway.

However, give Pace credit for knowing what he wanted and going out and getting it. If he is wrong, then his stock as an NFL GM will be forever tarnished. But what if he's right?

After all, the last kid who came from North Carolina to play in Chicago didn't do too badly, come to think of it.


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