Despite Quintana Trade, Cubs Have More Work To Do

No, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I have any powers of divine prognostication. Yet I feel I’ve seen and heard enough to know what Theo Epstein and his lieutenants are going to try to do, even though they may not get what they want. Yep, despite having acquired the young, cost-controller starting... Read more »

Crosstown Trade a 'Win/Win' for Sox and Cubs

From now on, whenever someone mentions the “crosstown classic”, it will no longer be remembered as a series of exhibition games, but instead as a blockbuster trade. For in acquiring Jose Quintana from the White Sox, these intra-city rivals have proven they can work with each other. The deal made so much sense it was... Read more »

Cubs are Bringing Kyle Schwarber Back Too Soon

When the Cubs made the difficult, but necessary decision to send the struggling Kyle Schwarber down to Iowa, it was supposed to be for an undetermined amount of time, basically until he “finds himself” and recovers his stroke as well as his confidence. Did all of that happen this quickly? I doubt it. Other than... Read more »

Blackhawks Promised Changes and Boy Did They Deliver

Every year GM Stan Bowman has had to make some difficult decisions due to the salary cap, and this year was certainly no exception. The need to manage to the cap, combined with a horrible first round exit in the playoffs for a second year in a row necessitated Bowman to suggest some changes were... Read more »

Cubs Search for Young, Cost-Controlled Pitching May Have to Wait

The Chicago Cubs are flush with money, coming off their first World Series title in 108 years. And sure, they would love to add at least one top of the rotation stud who is young and cost-controlled so that their journey for a repeat can be realized. However, based on what’s expected to be in... Read more »

Bulls Shake Things Up by Trading Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves

And the rebuild officially begins. Sure, the Bulls could have brought back Jimmy Butler, to pair with Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo which, assuming good health, would have probably made the Bulls a playoff team again. But stuck in basketball hell, the Bulls instead decided to shake things up, trading star forward Butler to the... Read more »

Eloy Jimenez Likely to be Centerpiece of Cubs Trade for Pitching

Eloy Jimenez is only 20 years old, yet the buzz from his accomplishments can be heard all the way to…well, whatever club has starting pitching to be offered in a trade. While it would be ideal to hang onto Jimenez and watch him develop into the next young Cub to emerge from the bushes, they... Read more »

Bulls are Actively Shopping Jimmy Butler

If Chicago Bulls star forward Jimmy Butler is still wearing Bulls red following the NBA draft, I’ll be as surprised as Chaz Bono’s old girlfriend. In other words, Butler should be on his way out the door and the only remaining mystery is where he is going—to Boston, Minnesota or the latest rumors, which possibly... Read more »

The Chicago Bulls Need To Trade Jimmy Butler

    As you watch this year’s NBA Finals, it’s certain the Bulls are a long way from being able to compete with either Cleveland or Golden State. Since the Bulls don’t have the talent or history to lure big free agents, it’s time they go full reset by trading Jimmy Butler. Last week, Butler... Read more »

Update on Cubs Uber-Prospect Eloy Jimenez

The vaunted Cubs farm system has produced many young players who have either helped the team win its first World Series title in 108 years, or are contributing now. But even with the recent promotion of Ian Happ, they’re not done yet. Introducing Eloy Jimenez, who turned 20 on Nov. 27 and is likely at least... Read more »