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After being successfully funded via Kickstarter, a new neighborhood restaurant opened in Avondale just recently. Along with a trusty dining companion, we ventured to the husband and wife team restaurant on a busy Friday night.



I had done little research before hand about the restaurant’s history but learned that it was a quaint 40 seater restaurant. It’s an open kitchen with fun vintage stereos on the walls.



After looking over the menu, we started with the bing bread. Now, I’m usually one to skip bread due to the fact that I want to make it to dessert. Luckily for our server, took the time to give us a recommendation from each section of the menu.


I could honestly say that this could be bread I would get addicted too. Bits of embedded potato along with bacon throughout. Accompanied by their sour cream butter, it was worthwhile. Can I take an order of this home please?



For snacks I had the potato and nettle croquets with spicy plum sauce while my companion opted for the crispy sesame leaves. The chatting became more “mmmmh” instead of complete sentences. The leaves dipped in the soy sauce left a well balanced taste in my mouth.


Larger plates included pork secreto and monkfish roasted in Gochujang. My companion commented that the meat had great marbling and flavor. This was my first time having monkfish and it didn’t disappoint. The fist was cooked perfectly and the gochujang complimented it well.


Chamomile chocolate pudding and cheesecake custard were our choices for dessert. While I prefer lesser sweet desserts, the ingredients meshed will together and was perfectly executed.



As we left the restaurant, our stomaches were full and contented. Knowing I’ll defiantly be back, I can’t wait to try more or even new dishes of their vibrant food.

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