Mediterranean Dining

Mediterranean Dining
Fig & Olive    After a long hiatus due to surgery, I’ve been making my way back to the real world. Which basically means off the couch. I’m part of many foodie related groups on If you haven’t checked this site out, you should. Almost any interest you have, there is a meet up... Read more »

1 Million Restaurant Challenge

Besides dining out, one of my favorite pastimes is curling up with a great novel. As a new Goodreads member, I came across the group 1 Million Pages. Now at first glance, you might think that reading 1 million pages is doable. But it can actually take you years especially if you’re one of those once in a while... Read more »

Intelligentsia Coffee

Hello All. A recent shoulder injury has kept me out of commission but I’ve recently been making a comeback. And for some reason I’m more on a coffee kick than usual. But I’ve never actually stopped in a coffee shop and had a cup of joe (or two..maybe three) outside Starbucks. I’ve been hearing and... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

Start of A Journey...

Parachute After being successfully funded via Kickstarter, a new neighborhood restaurant opened in Avondale just recently. Along with a trusty dining companion, we ventured to the husband and wife team restaurant on a busy Friday night.     I had done little research before hand about the restaurant’s history but learned that it was a... Read more »

Welcome to 1001 Eats

Welcome!   For the past few years, I’ve been on a journey when it comes to food. It ranges from trying food, taking photos of food, reading blogs about food, and watching shows about food. It’s exciting when someone can take an ingredient and turn it into something complex and delicious at the same time.... Read more »